Reconnecting to the healing vitality within
nature, community, & oneself

Hi, I’m Dr. Monique Mazza

I am a natural health expert with a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. I am a unique Naturopathic Physician who embodies my teachings while striving to live a sustainable off grid lifestyle at Earthaven Ecovillage. After a decade of clinical practice in a busy city, I grew tired of telling people how to be healthy and wanted to show them instead.

In 2016, I moved to Earthaven Ecovillage where I founded my second clinic, Elements Naturopathic Medicine, adjacent to my 5,000 square foot community organic garden where I host group healing retreats. My home at Earthaven provides the precious space in nature to be a part-time clinician and host of healing retreats, a regenerative biodynamic gardener, homesteader, mother, and enthusiastic community member.

Over the past two decades I have empowered thousands of people with the knowledge of how to heal their body, mind, and spirit by applying basic tenets of health including nature and community connection. When crafting your customized wellness recommendations, I combine knowledge of cutting edge science with the wisdom of time honored healing traditions to meet your individual needs.

If you've ever felt...

Curiosity about natural treatment options

Frustration with conventional healthcare

Overwhelmed by self-diagnosing, experimenting & self-treating

A desire for expert guidance you can trust

…then you're in the right place.

Elements of Optimal Health Include...​

Remember, You Are Part of the Whole.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is one of our planet’s oldest and most effective forms of medicine. It emphasizes prevention, patient empowerment, and repair

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Naturopathic Medicine Offers In-Depth, Personalized Care

Here’s a comparison of the conventional vs naturopathic medical models.

The Healthy Living and Yoga Retreat

Coming soon......

I invite you to join me and a team of skilled facilitators in stepping beyond the world of reading about health and into the experience of it! Wellness recommendations come to life in this retreat where you will experience the elements of a healthy day as you flow through a variety of daily life-affirming activities, such as yoga, nature connection, learning with others, eating vital nutrient-dense foods, reflection, and self care.

Within this four-day retreat, we will be following nature’s lead and connecting to the medicine of the elements – air, water, earth, fire – as a pathway towards empowerment, nourishment, and connection to our inner world. Together, we will be exploring how we ourselves are an ecosystem, a part of and dependent on the health of the larger planetary ecosystem.

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    My Office is located at 10 Bellavia Circle inside Earthaven Ecovillage.