Health Retreats

Healthy Living and Yoga Retreat

Earthaven Ecovillage, Near Asheville, NC

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I invite you to join me and a team of skilled facilitators in stepping beyond the world of reading about health and into the experience of it!

Wellness recommendations come to life in this retreat where you will experience the elements of a healthy day as you flow through a variety of daily life-affirming activities, such as yoga, nature connection, learning with others, eating vital nutrient-dense foods, reflection, and self care.

Within this four-day retreat, we will be following nature’s lead and connecting to the medicine of the elements – air, water, earth, fire – as a pathway towards empowerment, nourishment, and connection to our inner world.

Together, we will be exploring how we ourselves are an ecosystem, a part of and dependent on the health of the larger planetary ecosystem.

This program is for adults (and mature teens).

Program Details

This retreat will take place in the Bella Via Gardens Neighborhood and the village center of Earthaven Ecovillage. Earthaven’s woodlands of the ancient Appalachian mountains, with streams, vital forests, and consciously-built infrastructure, will serve as our container, mentor, and classroom for this work.

Each day will include movement, experiential learning in the kitchen and garden, time in nature, yoga, and opportunities for self-care, integration, and growing meaningful, authentic connections.

Together, we will:

  • Remember our connection to nature and explore the link between human health and soil health
  • Expand the diversity of our inner microbiome while amending the garden soil to improve the nutrient levels in vegetables
  • Taste vitality, harvest fresh plants from the garden, and forage for edible wild foods
  • Prepare fermented foods that enhance vitality, such as sauerkraut and tempeh
  • Get creative while preparing food as medicine in the form of delicious medicinal bon-bons
  • Practice easy and quick nitric oxide enhancing exercises and feel the immediate benefits of improved energy and mental clarity
  • Invigorate blood flow and enhance mood during a traditional Finnish sauna ceremony using handmade birch whisks to stimulate lymphatic cleansing.
  • Expand our capacity for joy by honoring our grief
  • And so much more!
In addition to the core curriculum of the Healthy Living and Yoga Retreat, participants will have opportunities to schedule personal wellness sessions in the afternoons from a rich diversity of on-site practitioners. Modalities include esoteric and Chinese acupuncture; Thai, womb, and full-body effleurage massage; cranial sacral therapy; and additional yoga sessions.

Everyone is welcome. No previous experience necessary.

"When we are witnessed as part of a group and are immersed in nature, our collective intentions enhance the possibility of healing."

Dr. Monique Mazza